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Ethical California Attorneys Oversee Arbitration for Individuals and Businesses

Skilled legal professionals settle disputes and provide solutions

The attorneys at Tomassian, Inouye & Grigorian LLP are accomplished arbitrators. As impartial listeners and strategic problem solvers, we work to develop fair and actionable solutions for disputing parties in the Irvine area and throughout California. By agreeing to submit a dispute to arbitration, you can avoid the financial and emotional drain of litigation. In addition, arbitration often allows the disputants to maintain their working relationship into the future.

Respected California arbitrators handle conflicts of all types

Disputes often arise over the meaning of a specific clause, phrase or word within a signed contract. Conflicts also commonly stem from claims of mistreatment, negligence or failure to perform contractual or fiduciary duties.

The Federal Arbitration Act does not place limitations on the types of civil disputes that can be settled through arbitration, though California has its own laws that set supplemental rules for the process. At Tomassian, Inouye & Grigorian LLP, we may help with arbitration for conflicts involving:

  • Commercial transactions
  • Construction contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Real estate disagreements
  • Insurance claims
  • Tax issues
  • Labor disputes
  • Broker and securities issues
  • Consumer fraud
  • Defective products
  • Unsafe property
  • Nursing home abuse

Whether you are voluntarily entering into arbitration or are seeking an arbitrator to serve on a panel during forced arbitration, Tomassian, Inouye & Grigorian LLP will carefully review the arguments presented by both sides before delivering terms for a settlement.

Experienced counselors help clients reap the benefits of arbitration

Removing uncertainty from the dispute resolution process can be a source of comfort for many people. Other potential benefits of engaging in arbitration include:

  • Lower costs
  • Less hostility
  • Time efficiency
  • Private and confidential settlements
  • Flexibility in rules and processes
  • Open communication

An arbitrator is a neutral party who listens to testimony, considers evidence and then renders a decision — unlike a mediator, who actively participates in discussions and attempts to influence the parties. In the case of nonbinding arbitration, parties are free to reject the arbitrator’s decision and escalate the dispute to trial. In binding arbitration, both sides agree going in that they will accept whatever the arbitrator decides.

An arbitrator must not only be of unimpeachable character but also must have the business acumen to understand all the ramifications of their decision. Our attorneys have the integrity, knowledge and experience to provide an even-handed evaluation of any conflict.

Contact capable California arbitrators for help resolving disputes

Tomassian, Inouye & Grigorian LLP offers skilled and impartial arbitration services. To schedule an appointment at our Irvine office, contact us online or call us at 949-955-2280. We can work to spare you the expense and uncertainty associated with litigation, allowing you to move forward with your life or business.

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