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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a different approach to traditional court or administrative litigation. ADR may include arbitration and mediation. Arbitrators and mediators have an important role in resolving disputes.

  • Mediators act as neutral parties to facilitate communication between disputing parties to promote understanding, reconciliation, and settlement
  • Arbitrators act as neutral third parties to hear the evidence and decide the case. Arbitration can be binding or non-binding.

ADR best serves individuals who are willing to communicate with each other and attempt to work out their dispute with the help of a trained neutral. ADR is less expensive and stressful than a trial, is a private process with no public record of proceedings, and commonly resolves an issue in a fraction of the time it takes in court.

Providing constructive solutions in southern California

The attorneys at Tomassian, Inouye & Grigorian LLP understand that business and contract disputes often arise between parties with interconnected concerns. ADR provides an opportunity to reach negotiated settlements that allow the parties to maintain working relationships.

Since many construction contracts require arbitration as the primary method of dispute resolution, our attorneys regularly represent clients throughout the process.

However, not all business or construction disputes can be resolved using ADR techniques. When mediation fails to produce an equitable resolution, Tomassian, Inouye & Grigorian LLP has the knowledge, experience, and resolve to defend your interests.

Offering mediation to fit the case

Our attorneys prepare for each case by reading submitted materials and customizing the mediation to the parties’ needs. Each mediation session is unique. There is a delicate balance of interests between the parties, the facts, the law, the personalities of counsel, and the history of the negotiations.

People often feel the need to be heard to put the dispute behind them. At the same time, their only alternative to settlement is the litigation process.

For these reasons, we keep the process moving forward and the parties focused on settlement. We rely on our experience as litigators to help the parties—

  • Identify their interests
  • Consider their case strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore various outcomes
  • Evaluate and fashion proposals
  • Move toward resolution


Hire skilled negotiators for optimal results

The best course of navigation through this process is with skilled, creative attorneys. Our managing partner Serge Tomassian has been a member of the American Arbitration Association since 1991.

Please contact Tomassian, Inouye & Grigorian LLP regarding your construction or general arbitration, mediation, or litigation needs. Our lawyers can be reached by phone at 949-955-2280 or by completing the form on our Contact Us page. Our firm represents clients throughout southern California including, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Bernandino, Riverside, Newport Coast, La Costa Valley, Ladera Ranch, San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Niguel.

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